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MOF Company (Subic) Inc. is a leading partner in the international and domestic shipping industry bridging the gap in cargo handling, inland and offshore transportation.    We fill a major role in various marine heavy lift and special transport situations. We are active in ports and terminals nationwide, operating as freight forwarders, customs brokers, and port contractors.  With growing business worldwide, we have developed additional services specifically to the shipping industry. In particular, we have the Ship Agency Services for the major port centers in the Philippines.

We, at MOF Company Subic, guarantee that our clients will receive accurate and up to date information on customs clearance,  route surveys,  and cargo handling techniques in the Philippines. 

MOFS owns all the equipment required to handle your cargo. This eliminates the need to use unqualified 3rd party handlers.  Our engineering services will allow you to be involved in the approval process of our transport services.  By owning the cranes to handle your cargo we also maintain schedules,  which others can not due to their need to rely on subcontractors.

Please review our site by clicking on the various tables above.  This will allow us to inform you about our vast capabilities and owned equipment resources.

If you would like to leave a question please do not hesitate to complete our information request form by clicking on the logo above.