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MOFS was developed through the joint venture of a Corp. in the Philippines and a Corp. in United States.

The original MOF Company

Located in Manila was incorporated in 1952. Their experience in the custom clearance process, and local politics has proven beneficial to all clients that required forwarding for various industry contracts. MOF was a leading transport forwarder.


The Sheedy Drayage Co.

Located in San Francisco California was incorporated in 1925. They are a special heavy lift and transport company with a large crane rental fleet. Through their engineering department they were able to service the needs of the power and petrochemical industries here in the philippines. 


MOF COMPANY (SUBIC), INC. offers our clients professional expertise and on-the-spot supervision in all aspects of inland transportation and cargo handling. 

Our approach, to cargo, begins with port surveying for transport movements, port surveying for cargo releasing and continues until the final positioning of all assigned cargoes using trucks, trailers, barges, and other inter-island vessels. 

Personal service in the field of delivery and release of cargo, in our opinion begins with MOF Subic's close monitoring of cargo. Through our customer service personnel, who provide accurate and up-to-date information, to our processors who individually coordinate the release and delivery of the all cargo,  while updating  a program of complete computerization on all documentation for steady cargo monitoring.  Furthermore, our company policy of insuring all cargoes and equipment provides extra security in all transportation needs. 

MOF Subic, together with our worldwide network of foreign partners in the United States, Europe, and Japan, can provide "turn key" transportation, installation and logistical services for all cargoes movements, from our client's worldwide suppliers, to delivery and installation at project sites throughout the Philippines.