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MOF Subic is capable of providing the following services:

1. Receipt of all cargoes from worldwide suppliers' facilities.
2. Movement of cargoes from suppliers' facilities to nominated ports worldwide.
3. All export packing, container stuffing and specialized equipment loading worldwide.
4. Export/Import Documentation.
5. Booking of all cargoes with ocean carriers worldwide.
6. Negotiating and chartering of ocean vessels as required.
7. Assistance and coordination with various government agencies (Board of Investments and Department of Finance of the Republic of the Philippines)in reference to documentation requirements pertinent to the project.
8. Arranging inland delivery of cargoes from port to job site direct by trucks or using Barge or Landing Craft as the shipment nature and characteristics dictate.
9. Customs clearance and release of cargoes in the Philippines.
10. Spotting.
11. Heavy lift cargo movement nationwide.